SensualU works with individuals and couples to integrate more expansive levels of sensuality and sexuality into their relationships. Our services focus on raising a level of awareness of sensation in the body, strengthening the bond of intimacy, and discovering the deep passion that lies within.

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Is it possible to feel more sensation in your body? Can you relish the touch of your partner's skin? Explore the sense of touch and delight in the techniques you will learn as you explore the art of sensual touch.

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Long-term relationships lose their appeal over time. Learn how to heat up the passion and reconnect in more satisfying ways.

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Relationship takes effort, that's no lie. Learn new skills designed so you receive pleasurable rewards for the efforts you make.

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Exploring Sexuality, Intimacy & Sensation


1Learn how to kindle the passion within yourself regardless of your current relationship status.


2Increase the sensation in your body and allow that to expand to all your relationships.


3Love is a many splendid thing, so goes the song, but what is love?  How can you nourish it over time? Is love sex? Learn how to tell the difference and how to connect to love through sex and sensuality.


4Remember when you were able to play? We were so free to play and be playful as children.  What do we do now as adults?  Can we still play? Come and learn to be playful again and explore what fun it can be.

SensualU - Transforming the Conversation of Sex.